Black jack

Black Jack is a captivating card game. Online blackjack combines experience, order and vine in a unique way. Blackjack Online is not complicated for newcomers, but it may take a lifetime to understand the full complexity of playing Blackjack online. If you intend to become a successful real player in blackjack, the first step is to learn the basic rules on

The goal of casino blackjack, whether it's real money online or online blackjack without money, is relatively simple. You must use two or more cards to get a hand worth approximately 21 cards without going through them  ("breach"). All the players on the table play against the agent / agent and never compete with each other. In each blackjack casino, the dealer has a tactical advantage, where players only have to reveal their cards and make their own game. Players will be at risk of exceeding 21 points first, and therefore will not have a chance to win, even if the dealer buys blackjack online.

At the beginning of the game, players use their bet. Then all players receive an open card. In the next step only players get a second open card. Cards 2-10 are calculated according to their value. Flip cards (J, Q and K) are scored 10 points each; Ace has a special feature and can be considered either 11 or 1. The value of the ace is set when the player no longer buys another card. Ace is the best for the player.

In every  players can now make the following decisions:

- Stand (do not take another card)

- Multiply (draw another card)

- Double (double the bet, only possible in the first step)

Split (split hands with two equal cards in his hands)

- Surrender (surrender)

When ordering cards, you should get as much as 21 points as possible without exceeding this value. Otherwise, you are in a bust situation, have seen overbought and lose his bet on the agent.

Thus, each player now has the option to request another card, hold cards, "double" or "share" if they have two cards with the same numerical value. In the case of a division player, two separate Kid cards are played with the same bet.

After all players complete their game, the agent draws another card. He has to stick to fixed rules. If he has 17 points or more, he should stop. At the age of 16 or under, he must withdraw another card. For him, the ace is always scored with eleven points, unless it exceeds 21 points in this way. Then charges him 1 point. If the distributor is too much, all the players are still in play. Otherwise, only players with a higher card value will win. If the card is the same, the quota will be refunded.

Learning the basic rules on  is easy. As with all real online casino games, you have to deal with different possible strategies. One notable aspect of casino blackjack strategies is that players evaluate the likelihood of the next card rising and thus taking another card.


Blackjack strategy we recommend online blackjack casino!

Total your hand approach your bust in a hit


Less than 8 always draws 0%
Poor 9, 10 or 11, draw another card 0%
12 Stop if the agent has 4 to 6, just pull it. 31%
13 to 16 are left standing if the agent has 2 to 10 9-62%
17 or higher always stay above 69%
A-8 and A-9 do not require another card 85% - 92%
AA always share 0% paper
Twenty last never 92%
Divide seventy if the trader has 2 to 7, otherwise draw.